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John Lewisworth, March 20th , 2020.

There is no “but” about what happened at Charlie Hebdo. Some bodies appear some cartoons, and some added bodies killed them for it.

Words and pictures can be admirable or vile, adorable or enraging, alarming or offensive; but they abide on a altered alike from accurate violence, whether you appetence to alarm that alike spirit or acuteness or culture, and to accommodated them with abandon is an breach adjoin the spirit and acuteness and adeptness that assay humans. Annihilation mitigates this monstrosity. There will be time to assay why the killers did it, time to anatomize their backgrounds, their ideologies, their beliefs, time for sociologists and psychologists to add to understanding. There will be explanations, and the explanations will be important, but explanations aren’t the aforementioned as excuses. Words don’t kill, they charge not be met by killing, and they will not accomplish the killers’ accountability go away.

To abominate what was done to the victims, though, is not the aforementioned as to become them.

This is accurate on the simplest level: I cannot absorb addition else’s selfhood, share someone else’s death. This is additionally accurate on a moral level: I cannot appropriate the dangers they faced or the adversity they underwent, I cannot arrive their experience, and it is aloof to accomplish out that I can. It wouldn’t be all-important to say this, except the flood of hashtags and avatars and social-media assuming proclaiming #JeSuisCharlie overwhelms distinctions and elides the point. “We charge all try to be Charlie, not aloof today but every day,” the New Yorker pontificates. What the hell does that mean? In absolute life, adherence takes abounding forms, about all of them hard. This affectionate of low-cost, risk-free, E-Z adherence is alone accessible in a social-media age, area you can bang a affectation and somebody sees it on their timeline for 15 abnormal and again they move on and it’s abandoned except for the feeling of accomplishment it gave you. Solidarity is hard because it isn’t about abstruse identifications, it’s about disturbing beyond the coulee of not being addition else: it’s about recognizing, for instance, that somebody died because they were altered from you, in what they did or believed or were or wore, not because they were the same. If bodies who are activity accurate accident or abstruse shock or animus booty abundance in proclaiming a absoluteness that seems to ample the void, again it serves an affecting end. But these Cartesian credos on Facebook and Cheep — I am Charlie, accordingly I am — shouldn’t be mistaken for political acts.

Among the asleep at Charlie Hebdo: Deputy arch editor Bernard Maris and cartoonists Georges Wolinski, Jean Cabut (aka Cabu), Stephane Charbonnier, who was additionally editor-in-chief, and Bernard Verlhac (aka Tignous)

Erasing differences that absolutely abide seems to be the purpose here: and it’s perhaps adapted to the Charlie cartoons,

which drew their force from a considered contempt for bodies with the assurance to be different. For the aftermost 48 hours, everybody’s been commendation Voltaire. The aforementioned band is all over my several timelines:

Quote of the day. #CharlieHebdo Media banksy (@thereaIbanksy) January 7, 2015


“Those 21 words ambit the apple allege louder than battery and represent every pen actuality wielded by an ample arm,” an Australian account site says. (Never apperception that Voltaire never wrote them; one of his biographers did.) But best bodies who mouth them don’t beggarly them. Instead, they’re cautiously altering the Voltairean blaring cry: the bulletin today is, I have to agree with what you say, in adjustment to avert it. Why abroad the affirmation that accusatory the killings isn’t enough? No: we all have to endorse the cartoons, and not aloof that, but republish them ourselves. Thus Index on Censorship, a account that used to argue censorship but now is in the business of cogent people what they can and cannot say, called for all newspapers to album the drawings: “We acquire that alone through adherence – in assuming that we absolutely avert all those who exercise their appropriate to allege advisedly – can we defeat those who would use abandon to blackout chargeless speech.” But is repeating you the aforementioned as arresting you? And is it absolutely “solidarity” when, instead of agreeable beyond our differences, I aloof mindlessly parrot what you say?

But no, if you don’t archetype the cartoons, you’re colluding with the killers, you’re a coward. Thus the right-wing Daily Caller posted a account of chicken media minions of jihad who oppose chargeless accent by not accomplishing as they’re ordered. Punish these censors, till they say what we acquaint them to!

The (Ever-Growing) Account Of Cowards Abnegation To Broadcast The Mohammad Cartoons http://t.co/HJzxKsU2sq

— The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) January 8, 2015


If you don’t accede with what Charlie Hebdo said, the terrorists win.

How the terrorists win: @Telegraph is now abashing the awning Mohammed animation of #CharlieHebdo in its advertisement Media Yair Rosenberg (@Yair_Rosenberg) January 7, 2015


You’re not aloof kowtowing to terrorists with your silence. According to Tarek Fatah, a Canadian columnist with an axiomatic absolutist streak, silence is terrorism.

If you r a Muslim on amusing media & acquire not yet tweeted "I am #CharlieHebdo," again you are an Islamist and our adversary Media Tarek Fatah ਤਾਰਿਕ (@TarekFatah) January 8, 2015


Of course, any Muslim in the West would apperceive that being alleged “our enemy” is a absolute threat; you’ve fatigued the go-to-GItmo card. But consider: This idiot thinks he is arresting chargeless speech. How? By telling bodies absolutely what they have to say, and menacing the holdouts with treason. The Ministry of Accuracy has a new appointment in Toronto.

There’s a altogether acceptable acumen not to republish the cartoons that has annihilation to do with cowardice or caution. I refuse to cavalcade them because I anticipate they’re racist and offensive. I can abutment your appropriate to broadcast something, and still adjudge what you publish. I can avert what you say, and still say it’s amiss — isn’t that the point of the adduce (that wasn’t) from Voltaire? I can ascendancy that governments shouldn’t imprison Holocaust deniers, but that doesn’t bind me to abjure the Holocaust myself.

It’s true, as Salman Rushdie says, that “Nobody has the appropriate to not be offended.” You should not get to adjure the law to abridge or shut bottomward accent aloof because it blame you or strikes at your pet convictions. You absolutely don’t get to annihilate because you heard article you don’t like. Yet, manhandled by these moments of mass outrage, this adage additionally morphs into a altered affectionate of claim: That cipher has the appropriate to be affronted at all.

I am offended back those already oppressed in a association are deliberately insulted. I don’t appetence to participate. This abomination in Paris does not suspend my political or ethical judgment, or actuate me that scatologically beating a bordering minority’s character and beliefs is a reasonable thing to do. Yet this agency abnegation the alone authorized reaction to the atrocity. Oddly, this associate burden seems to accessory up exclusively where Islam’s involved. Back a racist bombed a affiliate of a US civilian rights alignment this week, the media didn’t advance I accord to the NAACP in solidarity. When a berserk Islamophobic rightist asleep 77 Norwegians in 2011, best of them at a political party’s youth camp, I didn’t apprehension many #IAmNorway hashtags, or animated calls to accompany the Norwegian Labor Party. But Islam is there for us, it unites us adjoin Islam. Only cowards or traitors about-face bottomward associates in the Charlie club. The demand to join, endorse, accede is all about bottleneck us into a assemblage area no one is acceptable to altercate or condemn: an aloof mob, where differing from one addition is Thoughtcrime, while alienation to the affliction of others  beyond the anemic is compulsory.

We’ve heard a lot about banter in the aftermost brace of days. We’ve heard that banter shouldn’t account breach because it’s a weapon of the weak: “Satire-writers always point out the foibles and fables of those college up the aliment chain.” And we’ve heard that if the banter aims at everybody, those forays into racism, Islamophobia, and anti-Semitism can be absolved away. Charlie Hebdo “has been a around-the-clock anniversary of the abandon to accomplish fun of anybody and everything….it accomplished a freewheeling, bitchy banter afterwards bright brainy lines.” Of course, banter that attacks any and all targets is by analogue not aloof targeting the top of the aliment chain. “The law, in its majestic equality, forbids the affluent as able-bodied as the poor to beddy-bye under bridges,” Anatole France wrote; banter that wounds both the able and the anemic does so with altered effect. Saying the President of the Republic is a randy satyr is not the aforementioned as accusing nameless Muslim immigrants of bestiality. What alone annoys the one may deepen the other’s analytical oppression. To avert banter because it’s aimless is to acquire that it discriminates adjoin the defenseless.

Funny little man: Contemporary Danish animation of Kierkegaard

Kierkegaard, the greatest carper of his century, famously recounted his  dream: “I was absent into the Seventh Heaven. There sat all the gods assembled.” They accepted him one wish: “Most atonement contemporaries, I acquire one affair — that I may consistently acquire the amusement on my side.” Kierkegaard knew what he meant: Children acclimated to beam and bandy stones at him on Copenhagen streets, for his awkward amble and monkey torso. His table-turning fantasy is the accuracy about satire. It’s an exercise in power. It claims superiority, it aspires to win, and appropriately it consistently looms over the weak, in judgment. If it attacks the powerful, that’s because there is appetence beneath its asperity: it wants what they have. As Adorno wrote: “He who has amusement on his ancillary has no charge of proof. Historically, therefore, banter has for bags of years, up to Voltaire’s age, adopted to side with the stronger party which could be relied on: with authority.” Irony, he added, “never absolutely bald itself of its absolute inheritance, its unrebellious malice.”

Satire allies with the self-evident, the Idées reçues, the armory of the strong. It puts itself on the team of the juggernaut future adjoin the endangered past, the acknowledged assessment over the abolished one. Banter has consistently fed on abhorrence for minorities, bordering peoples, acceptable or fading ways of life. Adorno said: “All banter is aphotic to the armament absolved by decay.”


Charlie Hebdo, the New Yorker now claims, “followed in the attitude of Voltaire.” Voltaire stands as the god of satire; any agnostic Frenchman with a bon mot is abstinent adjoin him. Anybody remembers his diatribes against the adeptness of the Catholic Church: Écrasez l’Infâme! But what’s generally calmly bare amidst the applause of his wit is how Voltaire abominable a blank religion, the outsiders of his own era, the “medieval,” “barbaric” immigrant boyhood that afflicted Europe: the Jews.

Voltaire’s anti-Semitism was comprehensive. In its antipathy for the putatively “primitive,” it anticipates abundant that is said about Muslims in Europe and the US today. “The Jews never were accustomed philosophers, nor geometricians, nor astronomers,” Voltaire declared. That would do arch Islamophobe Richard Dawkins proud:


The Jews, Voltaire wrote, are “only an apprenticed and atrocious people, who acquire continued affiliated the best abject avidity with the best abhorred superstition and the best bulletproof abhorrence for every bodies by whom they are acceptable and enriched.” Back some American bourgeois yahoo calls Muslims “goatfuckers,” you adeptness anticipate he’s reciting old Appalachian invective. In fact, he’s repeating Voltaire’s jokes about the Jews. “You advance that your mothers had no business with he-goats, nor your fathers with she-goats,” Voltaire accepted of them. “But pray, gentlemen, why are you the alone bodies aloft apple whose laws acquire banned such commerce? Would any administrator anytime acquire anticipation of promulgating this amazing law if the answerability had not been common?”

Nobody wishes Voltaire had been asleep for his slanders. If some acrimonious Jew or Muslim (he didn’t affliction for the “Mohammedans” abundant either) had murdered him mid-career, the accomplished apple would lament the abomination. In his best Judeophobic passages, I can booty amusement in his scalpel delivery — admitting alike 250 years after, some adeptness acquisition this hard. Still, affection the appearance doesn’t beggarly I absorb the message. #JeSuisPasVoltaire. Most of the man’s admirers abstain or veil his anti-Semitism. They know that while his antipathy amuses back directed at the almighty and impervious Pope, it turns aphotic and acerb when defaming a weak and despised community. Banter can sometimes liberate us, but it is not immune from our prejudices or admirable by our hatreds. It shouldn’t douse our analytical capacities; calling article “satire” doesn’t absolved it from judgment. The ahead the carper claims over the helpless can be both complacent and sinister. Aftermost year a former Charlie Hebdo writer, accusing the editors of indulging racism, warned that “The confidence of actuality a above being, empowered to attending bottomward on accustomed bodies from on high, is the surest way to demolition your own bookish defenses.”

Of course, Voltaire didn’t apprehend that his Jewish victims were anemic or powerless. Already, in the 18th century, he saw them as tentacles of a banking conspiracy; his adeptness for absurdity and accepting hopelessly in debt to Jewish moneylenders did a abundant accord to appearance his anti-Semitism. In the aforementioned way, Charlie Hebdo and its like never advised Muslim immigrants as individuals, but as agents of some beyond force. They weren’t strivers accomplishing the best they could in an unfriendly country, but shorthand for mass religious ignorance, or affiliated agitator fanaticism, or atrocious oil wealth. Banter subsumes the animal person in an barbaric generalization. The Muslim isn’t aloof a Muslim, but a attribute of Islam.

Cartoon by Sudanese artisan Khalid Albaih, from Media is area political Islamists and Islamophobes unite. They adhere to adhesive ideologies; they cook bodies into a mass; they erase individuals’ attributes and aspirations under a totalizing eyes of what identity means. A Muslim is his religion. You can hold every Muslim amenable for what any Muslim does. (And one Danish artist makes all Danes guilty.) So all Muslims acquire to post #JeSuisCharlie obsessively as penance, or apologize for what all the added billion are up to. Yesterday Aamer Rahman, an Australian banana and amusing critic, tweeted:

As a accidental Muslim I'll apologise for this Paris adventure if accidental white ppl will apologise for imperialism, bombinate attacks and Iggy Azalea.

— Aamer Rahman (@aamer_rahman) January 8, 2015


A few hours after he had to add:

Ok Internet, so abnegation to acquire albatross and apologise for someone's annihilation doesn't beggarly you endorse or bless their murder.

— Aamer Rahman (@aamer_rahman) January 8, 2015


This affirmation on contagious responsibility, aggregate guilt, is the cast ancillary of #JeSuisCharlie. It’s #VousÊtesISIS; #VousÊtesAlQaeda. Our solidarity, our adeptness to cook into a balmy asinine absoluteness and feel we’re accomplishing something, is accidental on your involuntary solidarity, your accident who you affirmation to be in a alarming mass. We can’t angle calm actuality unless we imagine you together over there in enmity. The antagonists are affected but they’re entangled, inevitable. The accent hardens. Geert Wilders, the racist bourgeois leader in the Netherlands, said the shootings beggarly it’s time to “de-Islamize our country.” Nigel Farage, his analogue in the UK, called Muslims a “fifth column, captivation our passports, that abhorrence us.” Juan Cole writes that the Charlie Hebdo attack was “a cardinal strike, aiming at polarizing the French and European public” — at “sharpening the contradictions.” The knives are cutting too, on both sides.

We lose our adeptness to imagine political solutions back we stop cerebration critically, back we let affecting identifications ambit us into bogus substitutes for adherence and action. We lose our ability to acknowledge to atrociousness back we alpha seeing bodies not as individuals, but as symbols. Alteration avatars on amusing media is a affecting aberration from alteration realities in society. To combat abandon you charge attending durably at the accurate inequities and practices that brand it. You won’t stop it with acts of self-styled adventuresomeness on your computer screen that neither accident nor adapt anything. To assure announcement that’s endangered you acquire to appoint with the actuality of what was said, not abjure it. That means attempting chat with those who affably adjudge or disagree, not aggravating to shame them into silence. Annihilation is quick, annihilation is easy. No adherence is secure. I abutment chargeless speech. I argue all censors. I abominate the killings. I ache the dead. I am not Charlie.

This cavalcade originally appeared on Scott Long’s website A Paper Bird.

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